Match Night

Last night was one of the most wonderful expressions of what the 210 Project does in the lives of a group that go through the process together.

Several months back, Todd Harrington, the associate Pastor of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama had over 100 people begin to go through the 210 Project together.  We broke up the class into 8 different groups. Last night was what I call, “Match Night” for the group I was leading.  This is an opportunity for each member of the group to share their experience from their day of solitude, and how that leads to filling out their ministry action plan, or M.A.P.

I am very excited to share with you what my group of 7 fellow believers is up to:

  • Jeff wants to start a ministry in Birmingham, Alabama to kids that “age out” of the foster care system and need help navigating through the next season of their lives.  Jeff is going to Swaziland this summer to work with orphans who are “aging out” of the system and who are usually forced into the sex slave trade or worse.  His impact will expand from his hometown all the way across the world.  His wife Anna talked about how she has surrendered to be open to anything God leads them to, even a move to Africa. Anna wants to begin to use her gift of teaching to take other women through the 210 Project because she says it was so life changing for her to evaluate and discover what God has planned for her.  She is also beginning to see how the Lord is using her in her work environment as a pharmacist in a way she has never experienced.
  • Patrick has a heart for people who live in apartments and are isolated, as well as for people in financial trouble.  He was matched up with Apartment Life and Money Map coaching with Crown ministries.
  • Mark wants to pursue working with troubled teenagers in the inner city with a ministry called Restoration Academy, and is also going to Swaziland to set up a discipleship program for young men this summer.
  • Stewart loves to mediate difficult situations, using his gifts of discernment, wisdom and skills of being a good listener.  He was matched up with Peacemakers; a ministry that helps believers navigate difficult situations and conflicts from a biblical perspective. Stewart’s wife Melissa is an oncology nurse.  She has discovered that God has her exactly where she needs to be, but said she wants to be much more intentional about making her career her ministry. The one thing she felt God speak to her about on her day of solitude was how pleased He is with her and how simple ministry can be…using your gifts right where you are.  Her gifts of encouragement, mercy and service fit her job perfectly.  She said the process changed how she saw her life as a ministry, where before she believed she was not doing enough. Now she sees that God is pleased with her and has placed her in a career where she can bring hope to the hopeless for those struggling with cancer.

The groups overall response was this: by taking the time out to examine your life, gain clarity, and better understand who you are, the process can bring about an amazing experience of hearing God’s voice.  Today our groups are walking out their God given assignments with excitement, joy, and hope for what God has in store for them. Wednesday night is another match night with yet another of the over 100 people doing the 210 Project from Dawson.  Just imagine what would happen if you and every believer you know found your mission…what would it do to transform your life and the community around you?

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What is the 210 Project

A Life-Changing Process—The 2:10 Project is both a book and an interactive process. The online assessments and activities include the Strengths Profile, the Spiritual DNA Inventory, a Passions Survey and Interactive Timelines.

The results of the profiles and key questions make up the interactive S.O.L.O. Workbook—a notebook that you can pray and journal through, take with you on your days of solitude, and refer to over and over in the months and years ahead as you discover your place in God’s story.

The 2:10 Project is highly practical. The online exercises conclude with “My 2:10 M.A.P.” which is a roadmap leading to you to action —the action that is all about your place in God’s transcendent story.

All you will need is the book and the access code provided to you when you purchased the book.

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