Reaching Out… And Listening

We’re excited to be speaking with you–our friends in the 2:10 Project community! Our 5-year anniversary on the release of The 2:10 Project is upon us, and in the weeks ahead we hope to share stories from among the thousands of people who have gone through the 210 Project, as well as insights and practical help for wherever you might be on your journey toward finding your place in God’s story.

We are grateful for all of the wonderful ways God has used this message and resource to speak to His people about their purpose and calling, and to release them into creative and impactful places in His world. For many, the 2:10 Project has been a map to places of purpose and impact, and we are grateful.

Our goal: Listen to and learn from you.

It’s why we are passionate today to re-engage each of you for the task of reaching, serving and leading our generation. Importantly, that means we’ll be listening to you, inviting you to share your own stories and insights, and ask questions along the way. Here is what you should know:

  • We’ll be emailing more frequently, with invitations to events and other activities.
  • If the emails come too frequently, please feel free to unsubscribe. While we’d hate to lose our connection with you here, It’s important to us to respect you & your time.
  • Our hosts for the bi-weekly blog will be myself, Marc Fey, and fellow co-author Don Ankenbrandt, with occasional contributions from team members.
  • We are keen to hear from you—questions, comments, stories, whatever you’re thinking, please reach out to us.

Looking forward to fruitful days ahead!

We are also excited to share this spectacular news with you:

We’ll be sharing more later–we are thrilled to announce that Dr. Del Tackett will be producing the follow-up to The Truth Project, called The Engagement, a small group video series designed to help us make an eternal difference right where God has placed us. As many of you know, Del wrote the foreword for The 2:10 Project, and The Truth Project was the foundation for both the book and process. To learn more, click this link:


One final encouragement for you:

Has it been a while since you logged into the 2:10 Project? We hear from people all the time about how meaningful it was to re-discover the work they’ve done on the Project. Whether you have completed the initial registration process only, or the entire 210 process, log in to renew your vision to “find your place in God’s story.” And of course, if you have any trouble signing in or accessing your plan, let us know and our team will be there to help you!


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What is the 210 Project

A Life-Changing Process—The 2:10 Project is both a book and an interactive process. The online assessments and activities include the Strengths Profile, the Spiritual DNA Inventory, a Passions Survey and Interactive Timelines.

The results of the profiles and key questions make up the interactive S.O.L.O. Workbook—a notebook that you can pray and journal through, take with you on your days of solitude, and refer to over and over in the months and years ahead as you discover your place in God’s story.

The 2:10 Project is highly practical. The online exercises conclude with “My 2:10 M.A.P.” which is a roadmap leading to you to action —the action that is all about your place in God’s transcendent story.

All you will need is the book and the access code provided to you when you purchased the book.

Visit The 2:10 Project website soon and often to receive encouragement and support as you walk out your calling in the weeks and months ahead.