Exhaustive, Expensive & Occasionally Humiliating: The Post-College Experience

Why is it that the post college season of life is so incredibly difficult to navigate? This is of course a generalization, for I am sure that there are handfuls of young people all over who navigate the season with the greatest of ease. But my guess would be that a large majority find it mind numbingly confusing. Where am I called? Where do I live? How do I provide for myself? Am I going to have to start all over in finding a community? It is truly daunting.

And yet, there is some rule among professionals, older friends, and parent’s that no one should let you in on the frustration that is this particular season of life. I know that I was never given fair warning…as a matter of fact I was given no heads up at all. If only I had heard a little, “Hey, by the way, these next few months/years of your life are going to potentially rock your world, so strap yourself in for the ride.” That would have been nice. However, the post college season is all about discovering who you are apart from the community you have had for four years, and cut off from your parents footing the bill, and apart from a rather flexible schedule. Of course you think that life could not be any busier when you are taking 16 hours of college credits, until you are thrust into a 9 to 5 workday, at which point your mouth waters at the thought of wearing sweats to class and having hour breaks to hang out with your friends on campus.

But in being thrust from all that is familiar, young twenty-somethings discover so much of who they are and who God has made them to be. Of course, the process would be much less blood, sweat, and tears inducing if there were a tool to help traverse the path ahead. Well, now there is. I bet you know what I am going say…that’s right, the 2:10 Project. 1.5 Million, or 53.6% of Bachelor degree holders under 25 were jobless or unemployed – the highest % in 11 years.

The 2:10 Project helps answer quite a hefty handful of the questions raised by the post college season. What is your identity, what will be your good works, and most importantly, what is your life mission? This season sometimes leaves you with the feeling that you are doggy paddling in a mile deep ocean with salty waves battering you over and over and over. And you want to scream, “Throw me a dang line Lord.” Answer these questions about yourself, dive head first into this process, and you will be thrown a much needed buoy in a time of confusion and desire for purpose.

One of the most significant chapters for young people in this confusing season is the chapter on opposition. You feel that at every step you are met with some sort of obstruction. When you are discovering who you are, where you are meant to be, what you are made to do, it makes great sense that the enemy would do all in his power to thwart you. Well give it right back to him, because you are made for great works. One profound quote in the chapter on opposition states that, “The place of our greatest vulnerability is the vacuum created between our need and God’s provision.” How great our need is, but how much greater is God’s provision. His provision, grace, and mercy are new with every sweet morning, and that is a reminder we need to be awoken with in all seasons of life, but especially in those that leave us gasping for relief. Do this process and I know you will discover the beauty of God’s provision over us. He has made you for good works, and when you discover what those good works are, you’re gonna be hooked!

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What is the 210 Project

A Life-Changing Process—The 2:10 Project is both a book and an interactive process. The online assessments and activities include the Strengths Profile, the Spiritual DNA Inventory, a Passions Survey and Interactive Timelines.

The results of the profiles and key questions make up the interactive S.O.L.O. Workbook—a notebook that you can pray and journal through, take with you on your days of solitude, and refer to over and over in the months and years ahead as you discover your place in God’s story.

The 2:10 Project is highly practical. The online exercises conclude with “My 2:10 M.A.P.” which is a roadmap leading to you to action —the action that is all about your place in God’s transcendent story.

All you will need is the book and the access code provided to you when you purchased the book.

Visit The 2:10 Project website soon and often to receive encouragement and support as you walk out your calling in the weeks and months ahead.