I Was Made for This!

group-of-womenIf you have ever experienced absolute joy and satisfaction in the midst of circumstances, a project, or another opportunity, prompting you to say, at least in your heart, “I was made for this,” then you understand what it’s like to discover your calling.

The first time I invited a group of young women to my home for Bible Study and fellowship, I could not contain my excitement as I prepared for the first gathering.  My time in God’s Word and in prayer was more intense and more fruitful as I understood the accountability for those who teach. My hope was that my love for the Lord and His Word would be contagious.  I had so much fun planning and cooking a nutritious dinner for these girls who were, for the most part, far from home, working in the big city for the first time.  Our evening of fun, food, laughter, prayer, sharing, study, tears, and hugs confirmed to me that, “I was made for this.”

In the days, months, and now years that have followed, the opportunities God has given me to pour truth, with love and grace, into young women’s lives has grown exponentially. Investing time in teaching, counseling and mentoring brings satisfaction to my soul. God confirms again and again, with each new person He sends my way that, “I was made for this.”

I am not saying that I am good at what I do. God and I know the blunders I’ve made, the apologies that have been necessary, the misunderstandings that have been corrected, and the sins that have been confessed and forgiven.  But, God’s calling for me is certain.  In fact, I wrote my life mission over 25 years ago:  “To help other women be all that God designed them to be, regardless of past or present circumstances.”  And, throughout these 25 years, He continues to give me opportunities to fulfill my calling, as I choose to follow Him.

There have been many assignments throughout my journey –in the corporate world, in non-profits, in ministry – and in many cities and churches, but my calling has remained intact, as I have remained intentional about fulfilling it.

What are you made for?  What are you most passionate about?  What unique gifts, talents, and skills has God given you that, when put into use, produce God’s best in others?   Where has God taken you in your own life journey that may reveal where He is leading you next?   He has made you for good works in Christ Jesus, which God prepared beforehand that you should do them. (Ephesians 2:10)  It is up to you to be intentional about discovering God’s calling for your life.  God does not intend your calling to be a secret.  He is not trying to hide your purpose from your understanding.  Seek Him and He will open your eyes and heart to discover your place in His story.

The most exciting part is that, as believers in Christ, we have a Helper.  The Holy Spirit resides in us to teach us, correct us, reprove us, and to transform us into Christ’s likeness.  He will guide us according to God’s perfect will for us as we yield to Him rather than to the world system, or to our fleshly, selfish desires.  We can do nothing apart from Him, but in Christ Jesus, we can do all things.

I believe God also calls ministries to fulfill His good purpose.  He has called Alliance Ministries to equip and encourage the Body of Christ, connecting their passions and abilities to God’s call on their lives, in order to transform their families and their communities.  God has blessed us with a tool, The 210 Project,  to help others discover their unique “spiritual DNA.”   If you have not yet discovered your place in God’s story, don’t delay.  Connect with us today to begin a glorious, life-changing adventure with God.  I long for the day when you, too, can say, “I was made for this!”

Carmen Pate is a Principal with Alliance Ministries.  Learn more about Alliance or The 210 Project at www.alliance-ministries.org 





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What is the 210 Project

A Life-Changing Process—The 2:10 Project is both a book and an interactive process. The online assessments and activities include the Strengths Profile, the Spiritual DNA Inventory, a Passions Survey and Interactive Timelines.

The results of the profiles and key questions make up the interactive S.O.L.O. Workbook—a notebook that you can pray and journal through, take with you on your days of solitude, and refer to over and over in the months and years ahead as you discover your place in God’s story.

The 2:10 Project is highly practical. The online exercises conclude with “My 2:10 M.A.P.” which is a roadmap leading to you to action —the action that is all about your place in God’s transcendent story.

All you will need is the book and the access code provided to you when you purchased the book.

Visit The 2:10 Project website soon and often to receive encouragement and support as you walk out your calling in the weeks and months ahead.