Marc Fey

Marc Fey has worked in a wide range of career assignments: teacher, pastor, non-profit executive, head of marketing at a fast-growing software company, head of marketing at a financial advisory services firm, writer, coach, consultant, speaker and trainer.

Currently, Marc serves on the Alliance Ministries team and is working with Dr. Del Tackett to produce the follow up series to The Truth Project, which he previously led at Focus on the Family, in addition to the ministry’s efforts in local communities around the country.

Marc’s passion is to see God’s people find meaning and engagement in life, and especially to see people connect with God in all spheres of life.

Marc has been married to Kathy for more than 30 years, and they are the parents of Jonathan, Paul (with daughter-in-law Maria and granddaughter Cecilia) and Annie.

What is the 210 Project

A Life-Changing Process—The 2:10 Project is both a book and an interactive process. The online assessments and activities include the Strengths Profile, the Spiritual DNA Inventory, a Passions Survey and Interactive Timelines.

The results of the profiles and key questions make up the interactive S.O.L.O. Workbook—a notebook that you can pray and journal through, take with you on your days of solitude, and refer to over and over in the months and years ahead as you discover your place in God’s story.

The 2:10 Project is highly practical. The online exercises conclude with “My 2:10 M.A.P.” which is a roadmap leading to you to action —the action that is all about your place in God’s transcendent story.

All you will need is the book and the access code provided to you when you purchased the book.

Visit The 2:10 Project website soon and often to receive encouragement and support as you walk out your calling in the weeks and months ahead.